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Episode Highlights:

Jennifer Foxx is a piano teacher from Arizona.

She can be reached at www.foxxpianostudio.com.

Student reminder: Mark your practice sessions from home in your assignment folder. Go beyond the notes and rhythms; the dynamics and articulations really make the piece shine.

Parent reminder: Reminders about studio happenings via email and studio newsletter.

Teacher motivation: Jennifer likes to do themes to change things up each year.  The studio recital follows the theme from the year. The theme for 2016-2017 is “You’re a Star!”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Piano Maestro

Piano Pronto

Piano Guys on YouTube

Jennifer’s Composer Pick: Kids can learn more about Jennifer’s favorite composer, Jon Schmidt with The Piano Guys here.

Parting Wisdom: Teachers can be very passionate about their teaching.  Parents need to be mindful of the teacher/student relationship.

Contact Jennifer:  www.foxxpianostudio.com

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