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Episode Highlights:

Bonnie Synhorst is a piano teacher from Valrico, Florida.

She can be reached at bjclarinet@hotmail.com.

Student reminder: “Thinking is not optional.” Getting to the final result of a beautiful performance requires thinking and concentration.

Parent reminder:  I remind my parents that I can see changes and progress when they may not be able to notice them. Even if their child doesn’t continue playing piano in their lifetime, learning these skills now is still beneficial to them.

Teacher motivation: Bonnie enjoys seeing light-bulbs of recognition spark in her students. She also enjoys the challenge of translating abstract musical ideas into concrete elements that her students are more able to understand.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Piano Maestro

Bonnie’s Composer Pick: Mozart, John Cage, Stravinsky.

Enjoy this animated video of Mozart’s Symphony NO. 40 in G minor, first movement.  I think these animations are excellent for students to watch because they show not only the pitch and duration of notes but the various instruments are color coded to make it easier to follow their musical line.

Listen to and watch a lovely performance of Stravinsky’s Ballet.

Parting Wisdom for New Piano Parents: Help your students by setting good and realistic expectations. Help them build good time management and practice habits.

Contact Bonnie: bjclarinet@hotmail.com or on Facebook

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