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Music is for sharing! Here is my list of ten YouTube videos I think you and your piano kid would enjoy watching together.

1. George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue with video provided by Disney’s “Fantasia 2000” Anna Harwell Celenza’s book “Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue”

2. J. S. Bach’s Crab Canon – a musical palindrome with a Minecraft video twist that your piano kids will enjoy.

3. W.A. Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 – an animated visual of the notes played by the orchestra. This video helps students get a better understanding of pitch and duration of musical sounds and the notation that represents them.

4. Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale – who doesn’t love Bobby McFerrin? Students can create many songs and interesting sounds on the five black keys of the piano.  Try these songs on the black keys: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns, Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace.

5. The 5 Browns play Street Pianos – The Street Piano Project is a wonderful combination of beautiful sights and sounds available for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Learn more about the 5 Browns here. Find a Street Piano in your area here.

6. How Great is Our God by Chris Tomlin – This is a perfect song for your piano kid to play along with.  It is in the key of C Major and uses only four chords: C Major, A minor, F Major, and an occasional G Major.

7. Victor Borge – A Danish pianist and comedian.

8. Walt Disney and Sergei Prokofiev – I love this historical video that showcases and man behind the wonderful Disney company. I also love watching Mr. Prokofiev perform his own composition, Peter and the Wolf. Here’s the book I’m reading about Walt Disney right now.

9. Beethoven in Havana – What fun to hear and see all the sounds this artist makes on the piano! You can listen to Beethoven’s original version of his Symphony No. 7 here.

10. The Piano Guys – The Piano Guys visited a retirement home and played the wonderfully fun, Linus and Lucy from Charlie Brown.  It is wonderful to see people from all generations connect through music. You can see more from The Piano Guys here.


Bonus Video: Benjamin Zander presents the Transformative Power of Classical Music.

Thanks for listening! Feel free to share with your piano friends!

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