PPP041: Find out how piano teacher, Clinton Pratt, uses multimedia to help his students with creativity

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Episode Highlights:

Clinton Pratt is a piano teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio.

He can be reached at PianoSensei.com

Student reminder: “When you practice, go slow enough that you can play it easily.”

Parent reminder: Clinton encourages piano parents to sit in on lessons occasionally so they can help with practice at home.

Teacher motivation: He loves to see students get excited about a piece as they prepare for performance. He also enjoys seeing parents proud of their children.

Clinton also enjoys attending music teacher conferences and learning from other piano teachers.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Texas Music Teacher Association

Piano Parent Facebook Page

Sound Spectrum Visualizers: G-Force and Aeon

Clinton’s Music Alive Summer Concerts

Clinton’s student Adam, animated his Music Alive piece, Etude in C sharp minor by Heller.

Clinton’s Composer Pick: A tie with Victor Borge and Sergei Prokofiev

Victor Borge – as a child I remember watching his videos with my mom and grandmother. He was so funny using humor and comedy but also he was a very good musician. I loved how he engaged audiences.

Watch Victor Borge accompany and opera singer:

Sergei Prokofiev – His music is so interesting; it’s fun, sentimental, rhythmic, sarcastic and many things that I relate to. I would love to just sit and watch him improvise and compose!

I chose this video of Prokofiev’s “Winter Bonfire” Suite because it showcases the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain. I think watching other children perform is a great motivation for beginning piano students.

Listen to Episode 40 with other videos with Victor Borge and Sergei Prokofiev.

Parting Wisdom for New Piano Parents: Be supportive at home with practice but don’t try to control the situation. Don’t correct your piano kid when they are practicing. Let them go through their own process.

You can guide their practice by asking questions like:

  • How should you practice this part?
  • Is that how it’s supposed to sound?
  • What did you work on with your teacher?
  • How do you feel about this piece?

You can reach Clinton at PianoSensei.com

Email Shelly with your questions and suggestions for future podcast episodes.

Thanks for listening!

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  • Jenna Lusby

    Great tips from Clinton Pratt. I’m part of his musical family. What a gift that has been!

    • Shelly Davis

      Thanks for listening Jenna!

      I really enjoyed talking to Clinton – wish I could be part of his musical family too!!

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