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Gladys Casper is the mom of three daughters, two of whom studied with fellow East Texas teacher, Donna Calaway.  Gladys recognizes music as a core subject for students and sought to find a compatible teacher for her girls.

How do you schedule practice at home?

Practice comes before going other activities or spending time with friends.

These days, the girls get up early to do their piano practicing.

What struggles have your girls overcome through piano study?

The Texas Music Teachers Association theory exam is a challenge the girls face every year.

The effort and diligence they apply to preparing for the test also helps them with other academic endeavors.

Mountaintop Experiences through piano study –

Preparing for the East Texas Music Teachers Association Achievement Auditions and being successful has been a great experience for the girls.

A word of advice for new piano parents:

Take time and do the research to find a compatible teacher for your child.

Help them find music they enjoy playing.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Annie Moses Band

Texas Music Teachers Association

East Texas Music Teachers Association

Find a piano teacher in the United States through Music Teachers National Association



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  • Lisa

    I’m really enjoying your podcasts. I would to hear one on helping our children prepare for a piano exam (RCM). Thanks!

    • Shelly Davis

      Hi Lisa, thanks for listening!

      I really appreciate your taking the time to comment, too! Great topic idea and I know just the guy to talk to about piano exams, particularly RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) exams. I will see if I can secure an interview with him in the near future.

      All the best,

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