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Welcome to the Piano Parent Podcast Webpage!

If you’ve ever asked yourself the following questions,

How can I get my child to practice piano more?

How can I keep her motivated?

How can I help him if I don’t know music myself?

you’ve come to the right place!

Piano parents, I’ve created this podcast and website to offer support and resources to help answer some of the most common questions piano parents have.

Piano kids, you might be interested in signing up for the latest practice challenge!

Piano teachers, there is something here for you as well. Please feel free to share anything you find useful on this site with your own piano families.

Hi, I am Shelly Davis, a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, specializing in piano. I’ve been an independent piano teacher since 1990, teaching hundreds of children and working successfully with their piano parents.

If you’ve done any research about piano lessons online, I’m sure you’ve come across dozens of sites aimed at helping piano teachers. The Piano Parent Podcast is different and you call tell just by the name itself.

I want to help piano parents!

This website is dedicated to helping parents make the most of piano lessons. Whether it’s forming better communication with your piano teacher or motivating your piano kid to practice more or celebrating their musical successes, I am happy to share strategies that work.

When I’m not working with piano students and parents, I enjoy reading, Netflix binge-watching and road tripping with my musical husband, Duane.

Duane and I have been married for 29 years and are the parents of four musical children; Justin, Keri, Austin, and Tracy.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and website. Thank you for your support. Please subscribe to the podcast but, more than anything, use the content here to help your piano kid make the most of their piano lessons.

I am so glad you’re here!


Hey there and welcome!

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