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Infographic designed by Dawn Ivers

‘Tis the season for gift giving and letting your teacher know how much you appreciate the influence they are having on your child’s life.  On this 70th episode of the Piano Parent Podcast, I will share with you some of my favorite Christmas gifts and why some piano teacher might prefer something else.

10. Musical Tchotchkes

When you think of your piano teacher, your mind might automatically think of music and musicy things. Personally, I enjoy receiving musical gifts. Here are a couple of pictures of things I’ve received over the years.

Most of the pieces in this vignette were gifts from students and I am just the sentimental kind of person to think fondly of the student and family behind the gift when I look at it.

I love the wire wall hanging! It was given to me by a family with two sons that I taught for several years.

The ceramic plaque hanging on the wall says, “Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future. Faith is the courage to dance to it today.” Isn’t that lovely? I taught both the mother and daughter of this family. They have gone through some very difficult times since they gave me this plaque so seeing it is a reminder to pray for them.

The Amazing Grace picture was a Christmas gift from my brother and his family last year. They know me so well!


I mentioned in the podcast that I’ve been given probably a dozen or more coffee mugs.   Once again, I think of the family who gave me the mug when I use it. I also try to find different uses for them. Here are two mugs on top of my piano holding colored pens and pencils. This way, they get lots of use every single day! (The gold treble clef/bass clef frame was gifted to me by a beautiful family of six girls! I have had the privilege of teaching five of them….so far.)

If you decide to go with a musical gift, the friendly folks at Prima Music might have some ideas for you.



9. Christmas Knick Knacks


My own personal Charlie Brown Tree. (Can you see Charlie Brown and Linus sitting under the tree?)

Christmas decorations and ornaments are a nice idea but they will most likely only be on display once each year. You might consider pairing a Christmas knick knack with one of the other items on my list.


Here is my grandmother’s old artificial tree that I mentioned. It is tiny and leans to one side but I love it! Most of the ornaments are gifts from students.











8. Tasty Stuff

If you choose to give a food item, please be aware of any food allergies your teacher or their family members may have.

7. Smelly Stuff

Candles and lotions make a fine gift as long as your teacher isn’t sensitive to these things. Personally, I prefer shower gel or body spray more than lotions or candles. I use them much more regularly.

6. Personal Stuff

Maybe your teacher has other interests beyond music. Do they golf, knit, scrapbook? Take some time to get to know your teacher and see if there is something you can gift them with outside of music.

You might simply consider adding a few extra dollars to your December tuition payment as a token of appreciation.

5. Studio Stuff

If your teacher is like me, they enjoy getting things that will be useful in their teaching. I love sharing things with my students! This floor keyboard is similar to the one a wonderful family gave me several years ago.

Here are a few places to start looking for teaching resources for your piano teacher:

Music Teacher Warehouse

Music in Motion

Pender’s Music Company

4. Starbucks Gift Card

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Starbucks. Just give them some way of indulging and luxuriating for a few brief moments during the holiday break.

3. iTunes Gift Card

So many of my teacher friends use their iPad while they teach. An iTunes gift card will go a long way and help them purchase music or apps that will ultimately benefit your own piano kid!

2. Amazon Gift Card

Just in case your piano teacher doesn’t seem to be interested in anything we’ve listed already, an Amazon gift card might fit the bill.

1.  Personal, handwritten notes from students

In this digital age of emails and texting, I believe handwritten notes are becoming more or a treasure. Remember back in Episode 058 I shared with you the note from my grandfather that I still have! For each of my children’s graduation from high school, I collected handwritten letters from family and friends and bound them together in a journal. I hope my children will treasure them as they age and as some of the people who wrote those letters are no longer with us.

Truly my all-time favorite gifts are the handwritten notes I receive from students and piano parents.


Here is the box in which I keep all the cards and letters I receive from students.



In fact, if someone wants to get me a bigger box for Christmas, I sure could use one!


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