PPP068: When it Comes to Piano Practicing, the Best Defense is a Good Offense

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Newsflash: Parenting is hard

Piano Parenting doesn’t make things easier.

When it comes to piano practicing, a good piano parent is prepared when their piano kid puts up an argument. The next time your piano kid tries to get out of piano practice, give these offensive maneuvers a try.

State the Facts

Because you’ve listened to past episodes, you know that it’s best to schedule piano practice ahead of time. When practice time rolls around, simply tell your piano kid, “It’s time to practice.” There is no need for argument, no need to negotiate. Expect them to push back and try to get you to wait until later. Don’t fall for it. You know that “later” will only bring more complaints and stalling. Do the practicing now and enjoy other activities later.

Don’t Overreact to Their Overreaction

When your piano kid overreacts to the practicing statement above, keep your own emotions in check. Don’t let yourself respond with more arguing or complaining. Someone has to be the grownup, right? As the parent, that responsibility falls squarely on your shoulder. Don’t be surprised by their reaction but don’t let it throw you off track either.

Give Them Ownership

Rather than asking, “Do you want to practice now?” (Because you know the answer will be no.) Ask, “Which do you want to play first, this piece or that piece?” Your objective remains the same in both scenarios: to get your piano kid to the piano to practice their assignment. By approaching them with the this or that question, you are giving your piano kid a voice. They don’t get to decide if they will practice but they can decide what they will practice first.

Be aware of what works best for your child. Some children need lots of guidance and direction when they practice. Other children prefer to be left alone to practice and make mistakes in privacy. Very young children will certainly need your assistance to help them know how to practice their assignment.

Help is Here for You

You are not alone, Piano Parent! The PIANOVEMBER Practice Challenge was designed to give your piano kid extra motivation to practice. The challenge goes through November 30 so it’s not too late to join the fun.

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