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Dan Kessinger has been tuning my piano since 2000.

Dan, who is completely blind, learned the Piano Technician trade during his high school years at a school for the blind in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Dan places red felt between the strings to prepare to tune.
In addition to the felt, Dan also uses two sizes of wedges to be able to reach between the multiple strings.
Dan uses a tuner lever (tuning hammer) to tune each of the approximately 230 strings.

For maintenance of your acoustic piano, Dan recommends the following:

  • Find a good, qualified tuner. Check the Piano Technician’s Guild website for a tuner near you. Hire a tuner to check over a piano you are interested in purchasing.
  • Clean the surface of the keys with a damp cloth.
  • Window cleaner works well. Spray cleaner on the cloth, not directly on the keys.
  • Store your piano in a climate controlled area only – not in a garage or outside.

To reach Dan Kessinger for piano tuning in the east Texas area, call 903-561-0022.



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