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Episode Highlights:

Bonnie Kraxberger is a piano teacher from the Portland, Oregon area.

She can be reached at info@maestromusiclessons.org.

To celebrate her tenth year of teaching, Bonnie invited five other teachers to join her to establish Maestro Music Lessons where students of all ages can learn a variety of musical instruments.

Student reminder: I tell my students that I am working myself out of a job. I want them to imagine what I would say if I were sitting next to them when they practice.

The Penny Trick: choose three pennies or three objects and place them on one side of the piano. As the child plays the assigned section correctly, focusing on their goal, they move one of the pennies to the other side of the piano. If they play the section incorrectly, the pennies have to go back to the starting point. They continue working until all pennies can be moved over in a row.

Parent reminder: Give your child permission to make mistakes. Do not correct your child when they make a mistake. Rather, ask questions, “Can you play this piece in a sad way?” “Can you play it happy?” “What is your goal for this piece this week?”










Teacher motivation: Bonnie really loves the joy she gets when a students gets a concept. She calls these “Aha moments”. Bonnie also enjoys searching out practice challenges, games and other incentives for her students as well as ways to motivate the teachers in her music school.

Bonnie’s Composer Pick: Bonnie loves the ability to connect with modern composers. In her music school, Bonnie incorporates music from these modern composers: Trevor and Andrea Dow , Jennifer Eklund, Daniel McFarlane.

Parting Wisdom for New Piano Parents: You are investing in your child – not just on an instrument but in life skills – perseverance, trying new things, exploring and creating.










Learn more about future music offerings, like Four Chord Fantasy and Baroque & Bordeaux, open to the Portland community through the Maestro Music School.

Bonnie can be reached at info@maestromusiclessons.org.


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