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Episode Highlights:

Corinna Neely is a piano teacher from Sarver, PA.

She can be reached at musiclessons.com/musicstarsstudio

Corinna was inspired to pursue music as a result of a writing prompt from her communications teacher. She originally took lessons when her siblings had to miss a lesson with their teacher.

Flexibility is a very important quality in a teacher. ~ Corinna Neely



Student reminder:  Slow down. I would rather you play something slowly and correctly than to play fast and make mistakes.



Parent reminder: Let me know in advance if you’re going to miss a lesson. I’m happy to schedule a makeup if I’m able to.

Kids are commonly over scheduled with after school activities these days. This makes it a struggle to make time for piano practice.











Teacher motivation:  The thing that keeps Corinna motivated is seeing the joy the playing the piano brings to students and to see them make continual progress toward higher goals.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Corinna’s Composer Pick: Nadia Boulanger and Julie Andrews

Nadia Boulanger taught many well-known modern composers including American composer, Aaron Copeland.  This is one of Shelly’s favorite pieces by Aaron Copeland.

Julie Andrews has recently partnered with Netflix to produce a children’s television show all about musical theater, Julie’s Greenroom.

National Federation of Music Clubs

Parting Wisdom for New Piano Parents: Provide your child with consistent practice time. Being able to play music has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life.

Contact Corinna at musiclessons.com/musicstarsstudio

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