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This is a continuation of the get SMART project with my piano students. You can listen to the first part here.  The idea for recording this project came from a wonderful listener in Australia.

Sue writes: “As a suggestion for a podcast, I would like one on your SMART approach to a music piece in action. Showing how you can change a learnt piece to a different rhythm, style, etc.”

Get SMART with your music resource sheet

Nicole, 10

“March Militaire” by Schubert from Piano Pronto Method Book Movement 1

Nicole changed the STYLE, MELODY, ARTICULATION and RHYTHM of this piece.

Morgan, 9

“Horse-Drawn Carriage” from Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2B

Morgan got SMART with this piece by reversing quarter notes and eighth notes. RHYTHM is something Morgan and I focus on during her lessons so it was fun for her to think about how to change they rhythm patterns.

Haley, 14

“Chopsticks” from Piano Adventures Studio Collection 3A-3B

Haley got SMART by transposing this arrangement from C Major to the key of G Major.  She also had to adjust the ending glissando to accommodate the new key signature. Finally, Haley broke the waltz-style chords into individual notes to change the STYLE and RHYTHM of this fun piece.

I wanted to do more than just break the chords so I thought, ‘Why don’t I just change the key?’ Haley

Hannah, 9

“Shave and a Haircut” from Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2B

Hannah changed the ARTICULATION and TEMPO in her piece.  She also changed the time signature from 4/4 to 3/4 time in measure 3 and 4. Hannah also changed the MELODY by adding another repetition of the melody pattern in the last half of the piece.

Tracy, 14

“Sakura” from Piano Adventures Lesson Book 3A

Tracy really prefers to create her own music and play by ear. It is a challenge to slow down to process reading music for two separate hands on two separate staves. This piece gave her a good steady RHYTHM pattern for her left hand to play while her eyes read the treble staff for her right hand.  That constant left hand pattern also gave her a solid foundation to play while her right hand improvised a new MELODY on the white keys.

Eva, 7

“Spanish Caballero” from Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2B

Eva changed the STYLE of her piece by playing louder, lower, and slower. She also changed the MELODY by playing steps rather than skips in the introduction.

Caitlyn, 9

“Pumpkin Boogie” from Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2B

Caitlyn changed the RHYTHM and ARTICULATION by playing the introduction with a more jazzy, bouncy beat. She extended the ending with her left hand.

It kind of felt like there was somebody going into a garden with pumpkins at night and the pumpkins came to life and chased the person! Caitlyn

Amanda, 11

“Campbells are Coming” from Piano Adventures Lesson Book 3A

Amanda got SMART with this piece by changing the MELODY. She inverted the last three notes of the melody to create a new, interesting sound.

Ben, 12

“Court Dance” from Piano Adventures Lesson Book 3A

Ben made this piece a little more snappy by changing the RHYTHM into a much more complicated rhythm if he were having to read the notation. Making this change by ear was much more fun for him.

Juliana, 13

“The Return” from Piano Pronto Spotlight Solos

Juliana moved this piece to a higher register in the piano keyboard. She said it makes the music sound lighter. I agree.

Christiana, 15

“The Storm” by Burgmuller from Masterwork Classics, Book 6

Christiana made this piece jazzy by swinging the eighth notes and adding grace notes and syncopation. Guess which version she will play at our Spring Recital this May!?

I like jazzin’ things up the best I can!

Does your piano kid like to Get SMART and add their own personality to their music? I’d love for you to share a video on our Facebook page.

If you have a suggestion or a request for a podcast topic, please email me at info@pianoparentpodcast.com. I love to hear from you so send an email just to say hello!

Hey there and welcome!

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