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Sanette Brems is the mom of six daughters, five of whom I get to work with every week. The Brems family realized the importance of piano study as a basic, foundation instrument. Kids need a hobby, something to do that gets them excited, and piano is something they could do year-round. They invested in a quality piano their girls could practice on rather than trying to arrange practice at a friend’s house.

How do you schedule practice for five piano players?!?

Practice as soon as you get home from school

Practice before electronics or playing with friends

Youngest tend to go first

The older girls can stay up later to practice after the younger girls are done

Mom must be a factor in reminding about practice.

How to overcome struggles

If a new piece is too hard, go back to something else you are familiar with – you are still practicing piano

Is it not uncommon for students to avoid practice if they don’t remember what to do or if they don’t feel confident

Keep working at it

Ask for help

Try to end the practice session on a happy note (pun intended)

A word of advice for new piano parents:

Be patient

It won’t happen all at once

Practicing is as much your duty as it is your child’s

Find something specific to compliment your child on when they are finished practicing

Make the compliment genuine

Resources mentioned in this episode:

10,000 Hours as mentioned in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success

Tran-Siberian Orchestra on YouTube

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – The Christmas Attic CD Includes 3 Extra Songs

SDPS Bead Incentive

Caitlyn’s YouTube video

Here is the sheet music to the piece Caitlyn played in her YouTue video:  Dream Echoes: Sheet by E. L. Lancaster






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