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If the majority of piano students do not become concert pianists, why are we training them as if they are?

Why do you have your child enrolled in piano lessons?

Prepare for a future concert career – UNREALISTIC

Not all piano students will grow up to become concert pianists! Do you even want them to??

Lots of travel. Too much time away from home. High expectations. Hectic Schedule.

Prepare for lifetime of music enjoyment – REALISTIC

If we aren’t expecting our children to become concert pianists then why are they studying piano?

Self-esteem – Preparing and presenting music in a recital or music audition

Discipline and patience, not instant gratification

Problem Solving



Coordination – eye/hand, hand/hand

Bonus Benefits

This is Your Brain on Music graphic

Music is one of the few activities that engages the whole brain: front to back, side to side, top to bottom. (Watch this video)

Right Brain – creative

Frontal Lobe – emotional

Auditory Cortex – processing what you hear

Left Brain – logical

Frontal Lobe – patterns

Sensory Cortex – touch

Occipital Lobe – processing what you see

Daniel Levitin Links:

Daniel Levitin Book: This is Your Brain on Music

Music and the Brain interview

Daniel Levitin and Bobby McFerrin (Just because I love this video!!)

Get more of Bobby McFerrin:  The Best of Bobby McFerrin



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